Martin Williamson

Many SME business owners have risen to a natural level of success, but sometimes struggle to get past their "success ceiling" to achieve their "more". These are some of the areas you might need help with:

• Business Advice
• Business Improvement
• Business Growth
• Business Owner/Shareholder Aspirations
• Business Vision
• Future Proofing your Business
• Market Research and Opportunities for Growth
• Staff engagement with the business
• Business Planning and Implementation
• Business Restructuring

Over the years, I have found myself advising the smallest of companies and individuals, through to dealing with large corporate restructuring, with all sizes of clients in-between. This has included running and selling businesses, constructing and negotiating deals or investigating and advising on the viability of a business, its people and operations and its restructuring, with an emphasis on strategy for improvement and growth.

Ian Kelsall

“Helping our customers, look after their customers better!"

Clients we work with typically come to us because they are concerned that they have no real way of measuring service, or identifying what aspects of the customer journey create satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

They might be worried that poor, brand damaging stories can be shared with thousands of people at the click of a button and they also tell us that they are frustrated at missing out on driving sales and profits when their team members deliver their service/sales training inconsistently.

We often see that business owners or senior leaders are confused about how to stand out from the crowd whilst everyone around them is focused on discounting prices.

Through the programmes insight6 develop, we can help you to truly understand the reasons your customers come to you and help identify the areas of concern that, if unaddressed, could drive your customers into the arms of your nearest competitor.

We know that if you don't love your customers, your competition will! 

Richard Milward

Getting things wrong with your people and policies/procedures can be potentially costly and could bring with it claims of discrimination, unfair dismissal and more.

Failing to address performance and behavioural issues in a proactive manner can lead to a loss of productivity and increased staff turnover, both of which can adversely impact your company's profitability, your time and your company's image to the outside world.

Clients we work with typically have little or no people support before we get involved, or their people are a function managed by staff who are not qualified professionals themselves. The Business Owner, Directors or Line Managers have to take on people issues soley.

Issues that can also present themselves include poor staff retention, low levels of staff engagement or poor productivity as a result of high levels of staff absence, poor capability or issues with individual‘s attitudes to their work.

Roy Johnson

Matthew Dashper-Hughes

We work with individuals and organisations who face concerning challenges that they are not hitting targets, or staff aren’t performing as they should, or they want to take their business to a higher level but are not sure how to do this. We work with them to fix this.

Selling and leading in multinational billion-pound organisations for over 25 years, I share experiences, many successes (and some failures) with my clients so they can fast track sales, people and business strategy development.

Our clients typically experience one or more of the following:
Concern about bringing new prospects into their business. Which often means little or no bottom line growth.
Sometimes they are worried that the sales cycle is longer than it should be. which leads to fewer deals being worked on each year
Other times they are frustrated when they get beaten up by price and end up giving a discount to get the deal to close, which drastically impacts profitability and investment potential.
Often, they find that sales staff that aren’t performing, missing targets, and making more excuses than sales, which is hard to fix until a robust world class sales process is implemented.
They may want to strengthen the organisation and develop a road map to even greater success but are unsure how to do this.

We train our clients in an honourable, ethical approach while maintaining everyone’s dignity.
We use a proven approach with well defined, step by step processes to lead, manage and drive a business forward.
Our clients range from Stationery sales, Accountancy, Film Producing to I.T., Printing, Paint manufacturing engineering and waste recycling. Different industries but the challenges and solutions are the same.

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